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In collaboration with BJA, the Police Foundation and its partners will provide eligible agencies with proactive and on-demand training and technical assistance, including practical guides and checklists, technical briefings and training, and quick reaction assessments as warranted. This assistance is available from law enforcement, investigative and prosecution experts, forensics experts, technologists, and academic experts who can share unique insights into effective and efficient processes and approaches to a variety of criminal investigations.

To request technical assistance, training, or other resources related to investigations and CGICs through this initiative, agency POCs should fill out the Training and Technical Assistance Request Form below. Agency POCs can also send an email to or call the Police Foundation at 202-833-1460.


Training and Technical Assistance Request Form


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    What is the National Resource and Technical Assistance Center for Improving Law Enforcement Investigations (NRTAC)?
    The NRTAC is a training and technical assistance center, funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, to improve law enforcement investigations at the local level through the development of resources on new tools and methodologies; assessment of current practices and recommendations on innovative investigative policies and practices; assessment of departmental investigatory functions and practices; and issue related recommendations for improvement of investigative practices.

    What is training and technical assistance (TTA)?
    The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) provides information, training, assistance, tools, and resources to help grantees and criminal justice agencies, organizations, and programs become more effective in their efforts to keep communities safe. The objectives of BJA’s TTA are to:

    • Provide information to grantees and criminal justice professionals to replicate model programs and approaches;
    • Increase knowledge and use of best practices, emerging technologies, and new models; and
    • Help agencies and jurisdictions identify and address operational and programmatic needs

    In what topic areas is TTA available?
    The NRTAC provides TTA on topic areas such as:

    • Crime Gun Intelligence Centers
    • Investigation and prosecution of gun crimes
    • Gun violence prevention strategies
    • Evidence collection, processing and analysis
    • Investigative tools and models
    • Multidisciplinary collaboration
    • Research-based (evidence-based) policing

    What types of TTA services can the NRTAC provide?
    The NRTAC can provide subject matter experts to conduct training and technical assistance to meet the specific needs of your organization. This includes curriculum development; training; peer to peer networking; review of documents (policies, procedures, reports, etc.); consultation services; and provision of information regarding resources, best practice, model programs, etc. The NRTAC is available to assist in conducting needs assessments; designing, implementing, and evaluating programs; offering strategic support and assistance; facilitating peer-to-peer consulting sessions; and supporting other activities that will enhance your agency’s overall effectiveness through the improvement in investigative policies and practices and response to gun violence.

    Who can request assistance from the NRTAC?
    The NRTAC provides assistance by request to eligible law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and their partners.

    How do I apply for TTA?
    To request assistance, fill out the Training and Technical Assistance Request form above, or contact the Police Foundation by phone at 202-833-1460 or via email at Please include your contact information and a brief description of your technical assistance or training needs. Agency management must be aware of and concur in writing with the request for assistance.

    Can I get someone to come to my organization and consult with us?
    Yes. Contact the NRTAC at 202-833-1460 or via email at to inquire about assistance. A Technical Assistance Request Form, located above on the Training & Technical Assistance page, should be completed when requesting assistance.

    Can I get someone to conduct training or a workshop at my conference or training event?
    Yes. Contact the Police Foundation at 202-833-1460 to ask about a speaker or instructor for an event.

    How do I find a consultant, speaker, or TTA provider?
    The NRTAC maintains a database of practitioner consultants and trainers. After submitting a request for assistance, the NRTAC staff will review the application and contact the requestor to further define needs. NRTAC staff, in collaboration with BJA, will match your organization’s needs with expert consultants.

    What principles guide the delivery of TTA services?
    The following principles guide the delivery of TTA services:

    • TTA is based upon an assessment of need.
    • The TTA recipient/requestor is the client.
    • The TTA recipient/requestor is a willing, active participant.
    • A senior management official of the requesting agency has authorized and fully supports the TTA request.
    • TTA involves the transfer of knowledge and capabilities, not the transfer of funding or the purchase of equipment or supplies or the payment of staff.
    • TTA is a planned, yet flexible activity.
    • TTA activities are evaluated to determine their effectiveness.
    • Final determination of the TTA to be provided as well as the mode of delivery will be made by BJA to ensure effective use of resources and efficient delivery of services that meet the needs of the criminal justice community.

    How do I provide feedback on TTA services?
    Feedback and assessment are required for all TTA activities. Agencies or organizations receiving TTA must complete an evaluation form with feedback on the effectiveness of services delivered. Many TTA activities also require a 3 or 6-month follow-up to determine what changes have occurred as a result of the assistance provided. Recipients of TTA are encouraged to speak to Improving Investigations TTA Resource Center staff if they have any questions about the delivery of TTA services.

    Is there a timeframe for submitting a request?
    TTA applications should be submitted as early as possible. Forty-five (45) days before the anticipated service delivery date is recommended to ensure that the Improving Investigations TTA Resource Center has sufficient time to process your request and to allow BJA enough time to review the application and make a final determination.

    How will I know that the NRTAC received my request?
    If you fill out a request via the online request form, you will see a notification at the bottom of the form letting you know that your form has been submitted successfully. For those requests received via email or phone, the NRTAC will send a confirmation notice via email within 48 hours. If you have not provided an email address, the NRTAC will call to provide a confirmation notice. If you do not receive a confirmation in the specified time frame, please contact the NRTAC by phone immediately. Also, as part of the application process, the NRTAC’s staff will contact you to gather additional information prior to final request submission to BJA.

    What happens after I submit my request?
    The NRTAC will assign your request to a staff member for processing. The staff member will contact you to conduct a needs assessment and determine the appropriate course of action. NRTAC staff will compile all the necessary information for your request and send it to BJA for review and approval. Once BJA makes a decision, the assigned NRTAC staff member will contact you to make the arrangements for the delivery of services.

    Who makes the decision regarding request approval?
    BJA approves all TTA requests as well as any expert consultants that may be assigned to deliver services.

    If the request is approved, how are consultant fees and travel expenses handled?
    The NRTAC will work directly with the consultant for reimbursement of expenses associated with the assistance. If cost sharing is requested, the NRTAC will work with the requestor to determine the most efficient way to handle this process.

    What are my organization’s responsibilities?
    Your organization is responsible for informing the NRTAC staff of any changes in the assignment or event—such as changes in dates or locations, postponements, cancellations, and so forth; and for providing the NRTAC with information about the assignment—such as lists of participants and attendees, completed evaluations, and any other items discussed during the initial planning process.