National Resource and Technical Assistance Center for Improving Law Enforcement Investigations (NRTAC)

Over the past two decades, the United States has faced remarkably low clearance rates (22.3%) for Part One offenses, which negatively impact communities and police alike. In order to improve the quality and equity of investigative outcomes, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) has provided funding to the National Policing Institute, who is collaborating with the Prosecutor’s Center for Excellence (PCE) and a cadre of SMEs, to provide training and technical assistance to the departments of hard-hit neighborhoods.


The NRTAC will deliver specific technical assistance to eligible departments on a wide range of topics that are directly related to conducting high-quality investigations. This assistance is available free of cost to individuals and departments seeking to improve investigations ranging from homicide to computer crime investigations. The NRTAC will be spearheading two large forums in which additional training will be provided on specific investigative topics and challenges identified by the field. To see examples of TA or projects that the NRTAC can assist with, please see our resources page.

What is the National Resource and Technical Assistance Center for Improving Law Enforcement Investigations?

The NRTAC is a training and technical assistance center, created in collaboration with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, to improve law enforcement investigations at the local level through the development of resources on new tools and methodologies; assessment of current practices and recommendations on innovative investigative policies and practices; assessment of departmental investigatory functions and practices; and issue related recommendations for improvement of investigative practices. The NRTAC will provide site-specific assistance from some of the nation’s most accomplished investigators, prosecutors, researchers, and policy experts who are directly relevant to the investigative process and criminal justice system. All efforts will incorporate crime science findings to focus on the small number of serious, habitual offenders in neighborhoods (hotspots) suffering precipitous crime increases. TTA will be customized, and may involve one or more Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based upon the nature of the request.

News and Events

RECENT Publications

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RECENT Webinars

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NEW Investigative Resources

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Training & Technical Assistance

In collaboration with BJA, the National Policing Institute and its partners will provide selected agencies with proactive and on-demand training and technical assistance, including practical guides and checklists, technical briefings and training, and quick reaction assessments as warranted. This assistance is available from law enforcement, investigative and prosecution experts, forensics experts, technologists, and academic experts who can share unique insights into effective and efficient processes and approaches to improve a wide range of criminal investigations.

To request technical assistance, training, or other resources through this initiative, agency POCs should fill out an online request form, located under the Request Training and Technical Assistance tab. Agency POCs can also send an email to or call the National Policing Institute at 202-833-1460.

For more information, go to our Training & Technical Assistance page.

Our Partners

The National Policing Institute is collaborating with the Prosecutor's Center for Excellence (PCE) and subject matter experts to support the participating cities.